Capricorn Native – Combinations Giving Luxury, Wealth, Waterfront Property and Pleasures of Bed

For a Capricorn native, Venus, Saturn and Mercury are key planets. Venus, obviously, because it is the owner of the fifth (trine) and tenth (angle); being the lord of the angle it forget its benefic nature, but trinal lordship again makes it fully auspicious. Saturn, for being the lord of the ascendant, is auspicious. However, Mercury being the lord of the sixth house becomes malefic, but its ownership of the ninth house, Virgo, which is also its house exaltation, makes it auspicious.

According to Bhavarth Ratnakar, a Sanskrit treatise on astrology, one born in Capricorn with Venus and Mercury in the ascendant and the Moon in the fifth aspected by Jupiter will without doubt become an emperor. (This combination is also called Maharaja Yoga-literally Great King combination-in Brihat-Jataka, another famous Sanskrit treatise in astrology.) The reason for this is not far to seek: Venus, the lord of an angular and trinal houses conjunct with another trinal lord, that too in the ascendant; this, and the presence of seventh, angular lord, the Moon in the fifth, in exaltation, fully aspected by Jupiter, is icing on the cake. It is said in astrology that if a native does not have Venus or Mercury (more the merrier) in the ascendant, or Jupiter in an angle or Mars in the tenth house, his life will be quite ordinary.

The presence of Saturn and Mercury in the ninth house will confer great fortune to this native, because Saturn is the lord of the ascendant and the second house of wealth, its presence in the ninth-one step away from exaltation-with the ninth lord in exaltation makes it a truly extraordinary combination for the simple reason that the presence only one planet in exaltation in the ninth house turns even a pauper into a successful person.

Similarly, the presence of Mars in ascendant (Capricorn) in exaltation and Moon in its own sign in the seventh house creates extraordinary vibes because the energies of fourth, eleventh and seventh lords are combining to boost the ascendant i.e. the native. If Jupiter is also aspecting Moon from its own third house (Pisces) or is conjunct with the Moon in the seventh, and the Sun in the third, one step away from exaltation, the influence of such a person will spread throughout, or even across, the nation.

The fifth, exalted Moon, aspected by eleventh Mars in its own house, Scorpio, receiving the aspect of Jupiter from the third house, with Saturn in the tenth in exaltation, conjunct Venus in its own house is also a wonderful placement.

If one of these major combinations for a Capricorn are present in the horoscope, then luxury, wealth, waterfront property and pleasures of bed will always be at the beck and call of such a one as this native.

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