Cheap Hotels in Dubai Around Tourist Attractions

Many travelers to Dubai have come across the rewarding experiences and fascinating aspects while their travel to Dubai without paying any heed to its location within Arabian Desert. The appreciating increment in the number of tourists has given a foothold to many star and cheap hotels in Dubai. Luxurious Dubai hotels, without any dubiousness, cater the visitors in the best way; but there are many budget conscious travelers, for whom, there are many cheap hotels in Dubai that offer world class accommodation at reduced price. There are many 1 to 3 star hotels with outstanding location around majority of tourist attractions. They cater visitors at with high standard room facilities and other amenities at concessional rates.

Dubai is famous for shopping, dining and recreational activities. A historic district, Dubai Bur Dubai, located on western side of Dubai Creek, is encompassed with many tourist attractions. This old city is famous for impressive streets, shopping malls with best branded products and remarkable architecture. It is literally called desert of Dubai as it has desert as the only backdrop in spectacular cityscape. Bur Dubai has less active ambience with more tourist attraction and Bur Dubai Hotels. These hotels are located in the center of the city and provide comfortable accommodation with all facilities and amenities for its clients.

Bar Dubai Attractions are charismatic spots for visitors. Grand Mosque, located near the Ruler’s court, is the tallest minaret in Dubai. It consists of 45 small domes and 9 large domes with the accommodation of 1200 worshippers. Sheikh Saaed Al-Maktoum’s house, the best traditional architecture, is one of the oldest houses in the city, which is built from sandstone. In 1986, the house was reopened as museum, containing exhibition regarding development in Dubai. The building Al-Fahidi Fort house, an attraction in itself was converted to museum in 1970. It displays military artifacts along with noticeable 3000-4000 years old graves at Al- Ghusais.

Many Dubai hotels are world class hotels that cater its visitors with mouth watering American delights. Bur Dubai hotels range from cheap hotels to five star hotels that serve their visitors in the best ways. Some of these are located opposite to the Dubai ports. It enjoys the easy access to the international airport, exhibition halls, high tech companies etc… The visitor in such hotels can easily enjoy the panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf in ambience of genuine hospitality and courteous services. Bur Dubai is said to be the destination of superlatives: for the largest, biggest, highest, and tallest. The city is home to many attractions and is quite popular with tourists. The visitors can enjoy viewing Mountain and sand dunes, early in the morning during sunrise and sunset.

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