Imaginative Ways Real Estate Agents Sell Houses in Depressed Markets

Imaginative Ways Real Estate Agents Sell Houses in Depressed Markets

Sadly, the real estate market in the United Kingdom was not unaffected by the global recession with property values declining by as high as 25% in many cities. Although the market seems ripe for buying up real property because of the low selling prices, many prospective buyers are still hesitant to do so.

Fortunately, the best real estate agents in the country have more than a few tricks up their sleeves in selling houses that would have otherwise stayed on the market for months on end. The job then of home owners who want to sell their houses is to contact an experienced real estate agent who knows the following creative ways to sell real property even in a down market.

Apply Local Customs:

Don’t dismiss the power of faith when selling houses. Competent estate agents know when to respect local customs in order to sell houses especially when said local traditions are harmless anyway. For example, many Britons believe that a horseshoe hanging over the door will bring good luck. Before showing the house, hang a horseshoe right way up over the main doorway.

Sweeten the Deal:

The above mentioned suggestion appeals to the spiritual side of prospective buyers. In contrast, sweetening the deal with extras appeals to the all-too-real material wants of clients. Most individuals will not resist freebies, after all, so go ahead and add extras like small home appliances, personal gadgets, and even furniture; club memberships for a year in the nearest health club or gym; and cars like a Jeep.

Extras need not be on the expensive side. Even the little touches that speak of your attention to details will get the buyers’ attention. Think of small fruit baskets, a small platter of strawberries with dipping chocolate, and perhaps a bouquet of flowers. Whatever extra amount spent on the extras will be well worth their prices when the house is sold.

Throw a Party:

Real estate agents will also throw a small party for all prospective buyers inside the house up for sale. The purpose is to let the prospective buyers experience the home Рto imagine how it will fit into their lifestyle and to let them see how the house will look with people in it. Creativity is very important here since you cannot just throw any kind of party. Look at the house and see how it can be marketed to the target client̬le. For example, a Cinco de Mayo party may be appropriate if the prospective buyers are from a predominantly Hispanic neighbourhood.

Go Online and Network:

Why limit yourself to face-to-face contacts? Use the online social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to sell the real properties. Word-of-mouth via online sites is often more powerful than face-to-face interactions mainly because you can reach a larger audience faster.

There are other ways that estate agents sell houses even in a down market. Think of reverse auctions and partial trades but when both of these traditional methods fail to achieve the purpose, it’s time to be creative.

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