Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties August 8, 2021


Aditya K. Gulati to Carol Ann Wingate, 195 Regency Park Drive, Unit 195, $129,900.

Alexander Figliola and Angela C. Figliola to Yaovi Aziaha, 85 Liswell Drive, $375,000.

Barbara Thompson to Kara Armit and Lisa Massie, 81 Beekman Drive, $180,000.

Damaris Morales and Efrain Morales Jr., to Dmitriy Burkovskiy, 27 Coyote Circle, $460,000.

Danielle M. Lipoff to Peter A. Gaudreau and Lisa L. Gaudreau, 3F Maple View Lane, $280,000.

Dirk G. Gendron and Jordan T. Hernandez to Ryan C. Johnson, 69 Tracy Drive, $360,000.

Edward C. Hitchcock, Heather J. Hitchcock and Heather G. Hitchcock to Jackelin Cotto, 91 Campbell Drive, $300,000.

Heather M. Salerno to Alahna Seymour and Johnathon Strauss, 84 Carr Ave., $290,000.

Marilyn R. Colby and Marilyn R. Gamelli to Bruce Allen Embry and Theresa Elizabeth Embry, 69 Hayes Ave., $336,000.

Mark J. Danalis to Pavel Cotorobai, 92-94 Sheri Lane, $400,000.

Steven W. Marasi and Cheryl M. Marasi to Peter C. Marino and Joan E. Marino, 32 Horsham Place, $350,000.


Emily Rimmer to Jesus Alberto Merino Monge, 170 East Hadley Road, $186,000.

Victor Michael Fusia, Carol M. Campbell and Mark Joseph Fusia to Nicole M. Ciocca, 26 Pine Grove, $180,000.

Ramona Hamblin, George Perides and Ramona J. Hamblin to Judith Hirsh Kane and John Kane, 12 Edgehill Place, $317,500.

Andrew N. Winter to Brittany M. Hutson and Karl Hutson, 267 Shutesbury Road, $740,000.

Gordon Palley and Cynthia A. Mis-Palley to Sandhya Bean, Pudukkodo Eswaran and Gowrl Eswaran, 24 Palley Village Place, $92,000.


Deborah Bozek, trustee, and Jeannie I. Borchers Irrevocable Trust to Deborah Bozek, Nancy Budd and Pamela Cullen, 19 Metacomet St., $100.

Deborah Bozek, Nancy Budd and Pamela Cullen to 19 Metacomet LLC, 19 Metacomet St., $100.

Dennis A. Boivin to Dennis A. Boivin and Sharon M. Allen, 256 Federal St., $100.

Hickory Hills Realty LLC, to J.N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., Sycamore Circle, $115,000.

Hickory Hills Realty LLC, to J. N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., Sycamore Circle, $115,000.

Hilary Woodcock to Michael A. Henson, 574 North Gulf Road, $501,500.

Peter J. Van Buren to Heather L. St. Germaine, 3 Metacomet Circle, $250,000.

John Rakouskas and Theresa Rakouskas to Christine Trudell, 55 Old Bay Road, $445,000.

Joseph J. Dull and Dara Hennessy-Dull to Shane L. Lashway and Jamie Lashway, 560 South Washington St., $428,300.

Anthony R. LaFleur, personal representative, Nancy Lee Lockwood, estate, and Nancy L. Lockwood, estate, to James N. Broderick and Cordelia H. Garrett-Goodyear, 692 George Hannum Road, $280,000.


Brian J. Keir and Renee F. Keir to Erika Yost, Keets Brook Road, $55,000.

Virginia M. Waterman to Amy C. Shattuck, 32 Turners Falls Road. $260,000.


Christopher M. Boutwell and Richard A. Boutwell, personal representatives of the Estate of Cecelia B. Boutwell, to Todd A. Boutwell, 38 Williams St., $228,000.


Peter J. Daly to William C. Brunner, 1205 Route 2 E, $201,000.


David C. Sholunas and Kelly Sholunas to Kori M. Wilson, 91 Prospect St., $100,000.

Jeffrey S. Wundt to Harry E. Sanner and Janis L. Sanner, 101 Middlefield Road, $270,000.


Freedom Mortgage Corp., to RM Blerman LLC, 88 Cora Ave., $150,000.

Gary B. Beaudry, Teresa Beaudry, Teresa K. Beaudry and Lori Beaudry to Brandon M. Pavoni, 27 Grant St., $315,000.

Jerry P. Stanczak and Roman M. Stanczak to Roman M. Stanczak and Judith M. Stanczak, 95 State St., $110,000.

John F. Simmons and Jennifer Simmons to Meaghan Farrell and John Farrell, 63 Ludger Ave., $225,000.

Mark Normand and Suzanne R. Normand to Joseph Raymond LaPointe and Karla Mezzetti, 80 Jean Circle, $306,500.

Mark T. Hnitecki and Jadwiga Hnitecki to Kimberly Lockwood and Rue D. Ratray, 43 Van Horn St., $280,000.

Michael J. Simolo, representative, and John J. Janik, estate, to Arnold Construction Inc., White St, $5,000.

Michael J. Simolo, representative, and John J. Janik, estate, to Bruce A. Arnold Sr., trustee, and 71 Orchard Realty Trust, trustee of, 71 Orchard St., $188,500.

Nevin G. Bastin to 1260 Memorial Drive LLC, 1260 Memorial Drive, $270,000.

Robert Boesch and Luanne Boesch to Tamira Goodstein, 29 Paradise St., $265,000.

Robert L. Gramolini and Lori E. Gramolini to Hollie Ann Smith, 684 Montgomery St., $261,500.

Robert L. Scribner to Kasara Martin and Matthew Babbitt, 42 Sandra St., $244,500.

Roman M. Stanczak and Judith M. Stanczak to Germika Davis, 50 Beverly St., $290,000.

Shannon E. Riley and Joseph A. Carria to Donald T. Leighton, 3 Sherwood St., $240,000.

Yazmilie Stanley, Yazmilie Gomez and Michael Stanley to Mark McCarthy and Wenqi McCarthy, 81 Laclede, $255,000.


Michael J. Bailey Jr., to Julio DeJesus, 48 Call Road, $70,000.

Ruth B. McDowell to Rozlyn Danowitz and Steven G. Danowitz, 229 Thompson Road, $350,000.


Douglas W. Greenwood and Jeffery A. Greenwood to Mikayla Alayne Reine. 28 Main Street. $299,900

Detra C. Sarris to Timothy O’Brien and Erin Phillips, 1497 Main Poland Road, $310,000.


Jayne L. Stetson to Hsien Fu Chang, 236 North Main St., $223,075.

East Longmeadow

35 Day Avenue LLC, to Tabitha Gerber and Matthew Tedesco, 35 Day Ave., $305,000.

Gopal C. Sarker and Ishita Sarker to Nathanael Rosario and Erin Rosario, 34 Pembroke Terrace, $615,000.

Mary G. Lavoie and Patrick Hassett to Lisa J. Goodrich, 9 William St., $268,400.

Michael Robert and Kayla Robert to Anthony Hernandez, 15 Murray Court, $220,000.

Nathanael L. Rosario and Erin L. Rosario to Jeffrey Temkin and Kelly C. Temkin, 15 Peachtree Road, $610,000.

Robert A. Johnson and Lee D. Johnson to John P. Goodwin, Christine M. Goodwin and Annemarie Tarquini, 23 Chadwyck Lane, $489,900.

Shaji P. Daniel and Annie Shaji Daniel to Stephen A. Crane and Emily H. Crane, 25 Old Pasture Drive, $575,000.

SRV Proprties LLC, to Kyle Maskell, 27 Shaw St., $240,000.

Wayne D. Freeman and Derek L. Freeman to Aimee Jeanne Palmer-Mooneyham, 55 Thompson St., $269,900.


Seth A. Menkel, Alyssa Menkel and Alyssa Dwyer to Jesse Casinghino and Melissa Casinghino, 417 East St., $350,000.

Barbra L. Eaton and Edward A. Salners Jr., to Carl S. Growhoski and Esther M. Growhoski, 212 Loudville Road, $402,000.

Stephanie F. Davis to James P. Robitaille and Chelsea Elise Dexheimer, 164 East St., $415,000.

Pamela J. Linscott and Peter L. Gordon to Saskia I.C. Frabricant, 8 Lord St., $351,000.


John P. Sullivan Sr., trustee, and Carmen M. Sullivan Funding Trust to John P. Sullivan Sr., trustee, John P. Sullivan Jr., trustee, and Carmen M. Sullivan Family Trust, 56 Ferry Hill Road, $100.

William M. Zabik to Andrea D. Marceau, 562 East State St., $100.

Steven M. Kopinsky and Shannon Corbett-Kopinsky to Ethan J. Harmon and Lauren R. Haskins, 173 Taylor St., $490,000.

Robert W. Driscoll and Caitlin E. Driscoll to Adam Michael Ulrich, 17 Easton St., $327,000.


Ann Elizabeth Dudley and Robert P. LaFleur to Jason A. Constantine and Jennifer A. Constantine, 99 Log Plain Road, $489,442.

Anna Tutunzhiu and Pavel Tutunzhiu to Lyudmila Vizitiu and Valeriu Vizitiu, 37-39 Walnut St., $200,000.

City of Greenfield to Greenerside Holdings LLC, 180 Laurel St., $365,000.

James Frost and Joanne Sardella to Claudia Black, 18 Solon St., $249,000.

Rodolfo Florencio to Caitlin F. Pfitzer and Michael C. Pfitzer, 16 Grinnell St., $455,000.

Lynne E. Currier and Roland P. Currier to Katherine A. Bete and Jeremy Lessard, 17 Mackin Ave., $422,001.

Paul D. Viens to Danielle Baudrand and Mladen Baudran, 28 Vernon St., $260,000.

Donna M. Thatcher, individually and as trustee of, Thatcher Real Estate Trust, to Harriet F. Peterson, 255 Chapman St., $267,050.

Lindsey M. Doolen to Terrance H. Kennedy and Wendy M. Kennedy, 3 Vernon St., $272,500.

Donald F. Weld to David E. Bruffee and Guiling Ding, 21 Harrison Ave., $298,000.

Jeremy R. Mailloux and Stacey M. Mimnaugh to Nicholas Hathaway, 36 Linden Ave., $256,000.

Leeanne P. F. Hadsel to Mark Allen Collins and Amy Dorhamer Fadden, 38 Overland Road. $327,500.

Min Lu Lu to Alyssa Del Rosario and Jenifer Maree Ollis, 26 Eliza Lane, $310,000.


Douglas B. Ramsay to Barbara Jeanne Tomlinson, 101 Honey Pot Road, $477,000.


Melissa Clark Gallo, representative, and Donna J. Clark-Thornton, estate, to Louise A. DiFillippo and Donato S. DiFillippo, 3 Hickory Lane, $270,000.


Jared P. Bielunis, personal representative, and Paul John Bielunis, estate, to Kyle Sosebee and Caitlin Hurd, 80 Elm St., $305,000.


John H. Traynor to Todd C. Gross, 62-66 Papoose Lake Drive, $262,500.


Melissa M. Kelley to Hailey Harding and Tanner Demma, 4 Linder Road, $290,000.

Thomas O’Oonnor and Michelle O’Connor to Steven Ives, 34 Union Road, $360,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Jill M. Evans, Maple Crest Circle, Unit 24G, $159,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Mark Knox and Mary Knox, Maple Crest Drive Unit 36L, $159,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Melina Palumbo, Maple Crest Drive, Unit 32K, $159,600.

Amer Ahmed and Shelly A. Perdomo to Keishla Moran Montalban and Ramon Luis Rivera, 18 Canby St., $225,000.

Brittnie L. Aiello and Kurt R. Gauthier to Scott L. Geiger and Julie A. Lockman, 63 Cherry Hill, $432,500.

Carol Szalkucki, representative, Thomas Szalkucki, Paul Szalkucki and Balbina Szalkucki, estate, to Alexandra Carlson and Spencer Steven Haugh, 45 Lexington Ave., $360,000.

Danielle T. Belliveau and Danielle T. Roy to Melanie Wicken, 37 Sherman Terrace, $232,500.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Alma C. Santiago, 335 Walnut St., $272,000.

Francis S. Bey to Kimberly Ann Casineau, 7 Peltiah St., $387,000.

Jacqueline M. Garcia, Jacqueline M. Leroux and Joseph Garcia to Rebecca Rose Knobe, 156 Nonotuck St., $220,000.

John C. Almonte and Zeneida M. Almonte to 156 High Holyoke MA LLC, 156 High St., $250,000.

Justo Perez and Emily Ortiz to Emily Ortiz, Franklin Street, $20,000.

Malia Homebuyers LLC, to Maya Rivera, 11 Alderman St., $229,000.

Nicholas R. Ryder to Sean F. Norton and Christopher Bohner, 491 Northampton St., $306,500.

Stacey Anasazi to Allia Abdullah-Matta, 101 Cabot St., Unit 503, $170,000.

William J. Daisy and Christine A. Daisy to Andrew D. Haigh, 47 Fairfield Ave., $175,000.


Barbara J. Sikop and Daniel P. Sikop to Danny L. Suloff, 2 Maple St., $170,000.

James Adams to Clark R. Chattin, 20 Laurel Road, $250,000.

Neil S. Wheeler Sr., to James Stoudenmire, 74 Worthington Road, $77,000.


Sondra K. Corcoran to Matthew W. Corcoran, Route 63, $115,000.


Daniel P. Viens and Kathleen A. Viens to Katelyn McVety and Skylar McVety, 266 Alexander Road, $312,000.

John F. Tinker to Peter Siegel and Thomas Siegel, Wilson Road, Schoolhouse Road and Glen Road, $349,000.


David P. Buscemi and Melissa E. Buscemi to Katrina Martin, 186 Williams St., $360,000.

Geoffrey M. Neigher, Stephen C. Neigher, Ethel Neigher and Richard A. Neigher to Richard H. Black, 81 Eunice Drive, $410,000.

Gregory J. Faust and Randahl F. Cooley to Sarah A. Hanson and John Romano, 132 Rugby Road, $875,000.

Joseph P. Harty to Peiyi Wang and Gregory James Christensen, 148 Warren Terrace, $267,000.

Ki-Young Jeong and Myounghee M. Jeong to Cecelia Blackwood, 103 Woodside Drive, $400,000.

Marcella A. Beane to Kayla Rose Berthiaume and Alexander O’Neil Berthiaume, 15 Dartmouth Road, $349,000.

Pamela MacPhaul, representative, Allen I. Rubin, estate, and Allen Rubin, estate, to Bernard N. Njoroge, 154 Brookwood Drive, $352,500.

Roberta L. Curzio and Anthony R. Curzio Jr., to Mickey Benson, 619 Laurel St., $452,000.

Sarah A. Kenney and Todd Kenney to Allea Cortina and Alain Digon, 60 Nevins Ave., $305,000.

Sarkis S. Kalashian to Dianne B. Hayes, 36 Whitmun Road, $270,000.

Thomas A. Mierzwa and Haley D. Udell-Mierzwa to Melissa E. Buscemi and David Buschemi, 888 Frank Smith Rpad, $438,000.


David J. Gomes and Leonilde F. Gomes to Kathleen Sweeney, 81-83 Howard St., $340,000.

Gremio Lusitano Inc., to Amandio Fernandes and Conceicao B. Fernandes, 362 Winsor St., $205,000.

Joyce T. Lucey to Diane R. Dos Santos, 49 Eden St., $225,000.

Kathleen Sweeney and Martin Murphy to Andrea C. Perez, 128 Swan Ave., $296,000.

Richard C. Royce Jr., representative, and Nancy-June S. Royce, estate, to Christopher Royce, 42 Warwick Drive, $222,400.


Dylan J. Thomas and Allyson L. Thomas to Robert L. Wilson and Lise M. VanVooren, 10 Old Stagecoach Drive, $290,000.

John G. LaPointe and Christine N. LaPointe to John R. Fijol and Carrie Plante Fijol, Carriage House Lane, $5,000.

Justin Mathew Butler and Jessica Leigh Butler to Randy Dimitropolis, 168 Wales Road, $380,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, and Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Series 2005-R7, trustee of, to Edwin Velez, 22 Lower Hampden Road, $149,100.

Steven R. Harris and Laurie L. Harris to Change Li, 107 Woodhill Road, $386,200.

Sune Monson Land LLC, to William Plante and Dena Plante, Macomber Road, $96,000.


Michael E. John to Natan M. Cohen and Brittany S. Corbett, 25 Central St., $225,000.

Wendy E. Benham-Levin and Steven P. Levin to Robert W. Wasielewski Jr., 8 Unity St., $130,000.

New Salem

Amanda K. Piper to Nicholas A. Irving, 2 Old County Road, $350,000.


Johanna M. Kasidi, trustee, Eric R. Boudreau, trustee, and Kasidi-Boudreau Family Trust to Mary Beth Radke, 414 Fairway Village, $352,000.

Thomas H. Gelb and Kelly A. Maginnis to Adam E. Roth and Yuka Takehara Roth, 4 Madison Ave., $577,500.

Richard W. Wilby and Shelia A. Legrenade to Jacqueline P. Fraser, 30 Village Hill Road, $235,000.

Lorie C. Thomas to Matthew J. Fleming, 266 Grove St., $197,500.

Columns at Rockwell Place LLC, to Carol A. Perman, trustee, and Stawarz Realty Trust, , $704,000.

Keith Maloney, trustee, and Diane A. Maloney Revocable Trust to Lisa L. Sandri, 168-170 North St., $340,000.

Aaron Cook, Rebecca Linck and Rebecca J. Linck to Property Advantage Inc., 35 West Farms Road, $200,000.

Susan G. Pettit, trustee, and Lillian P. Gould Residuary Trust to Jesse D. Watson and Christine I. Ho, 5 Munroe St., $580,000.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Beverly J. Bates and Christine M. Connors, 206 Emerson Way, $760,626.

Theodore P. Kallman and Deborah B. Kallman to Simon E. Henin, Jocelyn Henin and Valerie H. Peck, 118 Hinckley St., $650,000.

John J. Murray and Katie Murray to Drewcilla Annese, 46 Claire Ave., $330,000.

Pombridge Manor LLC, to Howard E. Rhett and Claudia G. Donald, 5 Pomeroy Terrace, $325,000.

Elizabeth M. Myrick Towle, Elizabeth M. Myrick and Erik Towle to Maya Nigrosh and Heather J. Rosenfeld, 51 Marshall St., $385,000.

Horst Henning Winter, trustee, Karin Winter, trustee, and Horst Henning Winter Revocable Trust to Juan Burwell and Lisa Susanne Winter, 35 Revell Ave., $366,200.

Irving S. Weisenthal and Amanda L. Weisenthal to Amy Sugihara and Fumio Sugihara, 110 Morningside Drive, $589,000.

TJS Properties LLC, to Simple Abode LLC, 31 Trumbull Road, $1,720,000.


Megan A. Werden, “fka” Megan A. Barnes, and Michael A. Werden to Jody P. James, 76 Main St., $299,900.

Lesley A. Safer, trustee of, Lesley A. Safer Trust, to David Kelly and Debby Wiesen Kelly, 181 Main St., $290,000.


Patricia L. Clark, Bruce J. Gordon and David C. Gordon, trustees of, Alice P. Gordon Funding Trust to Heather I. Jenks and Warren A. Jenks Jr., Wheeler Avenue, $100,000.

Thavath Sayarath to Deborah A. Ericso, 416 South Main St., $250,000.

Joan M. Kaczmarczyk and Saverio F. Kaczmarczyk to Robert Fichtel and Kellie A. Robichaud, 11 Perry Road, $432,511.

Gerald C. Stone to Jay M. Guilmette and Martha J. Guilmette, 245 Hayden St., $165,000.

Kimberly J. Valliere, “n/k/a” Kimberly J. Simpson, and Rebecca J. Roche to David Christopher Simpson, 9 Rogers Ave., $175,000.

Gregory S. Bryant II, to Jameson P. Reardon, 18 West River St., $290,000.

Florence Gelinas and Nancy M. Holston to Kyle Kilhart, 30 Terrace St. $210,000.


Saoirse Realty LLC, to Samantha Herr, 3168 Main St., Unit 35, $140,000.

Scott A. Tardy and Michelle A. Tardy to Jeff Gill and Sarah Gill, 3115 Hillside Drive, $257,000.

Stone Bear LLC, to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Cerberus Realty Trust, trustee of, 10 Strong St., $150,000.


Samantha E. Haughey to Kelly Anne Scroggins and Holly Okula McMahon, 62 Daniel Shays Highway, $260,000.


Andrew J. Baird and Evan A. O’Neill to Chicheng Le, 481-483 Montague Road, $310,000.

Gail M. Carroll, trustee of, Gail M. Carroll Revocable Trust to Anna C. Heard and Nathan J. Heard, 64 Cushman Road, $615,000.

Skyway Properties LLC, to Leah C. Jack and Patrick B. Pearson, 527 West Pelham Road, $350,000.

Lisa Diane Sanders to Jeremy R. Mailloux and Stacey Mimnaugh, 176 West Pelham Road, $267,000.

South Hadley

Laura S. Marston, trustee, Scott M. Osetek, trustee, and Osetek Family Irrevocable Trust to Bret A. LaFrance and Jacqueline M. LaFrance, 50 Lyman St., $455,000.

James P. Lavelle Sr., to Laura S. Marston, trustee, Scott M. Osetek, trustee, and Osetek Family Trust, 110 Pine Grove Drive, $375,000.

Joseph Natale, personal representative, and Thomas G. Natale, estate, to Gregory J. Faust and Randahl F. Cooley, 15 Rivercrest Way, $425,000.

J.N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., to Patrick S. Sabbs and Karen D. Sabbs, 4 Lyon Green, $485,720.

Susan M. Curran to John A. Dent, 10 Ranger St., $110,000.

William J. Watt and Margaret A. Watt to William J. Watt, Margaret A. Watt and Christine A. Harbison Watt, 11 Pershing Ave., $100.

Robert E. White to Bo Wu, 20 Lawrence Ave., $135,000.

Thomas S. Stepniak and Constance E. Stepniak to Rachael M. Fleurent, 2 Joan St., $225,000.

Karol Makusiewicz to Danielle Miele, 7 Pine Grove Drive, $255,000.

Boyang Li and Mengxi Chen to Christina G. Salgo, trustee, and Sunflower Trust, 44A Berwyn St., $400,000.


Ryan Harris Hodder to Ryan Harris Hodder and Melissa Rosario, 307 College Highway, $100.


Doris H. Krzykowski to Brandi A. Hoover, 23 Birchwood Road, $250,000.

John A. Jeneral and Carolanne Jeneral to Cynthia L. Holley, 22 Meadow Lane, $895,000.

John R. Ferraro and Deirdre M. Ferraro to Meghann Burr, 86 Berkshire Ave., $800,000.

Kenneth Michael Lavine and Leeann Marie Lavine to Eric Niedziela and Stephanie Niedziela, 3 Dewitt Circle, $510,000.

Saltmarsh Brothers Construction Inc., to Kyle Hughes and Alyxandra Fitzgerald, 19 Noble Steed Crossing, $98,500.


72 Waverly Street LLC, to Robert Monegro, 68 Waverly St., $285,000.

Alexander O. Berthiaume, Kayla R. Weller and Kayla R. Berthiaume to Kathryn Frett, 18 Wayside St., $290,000.

Annie A. Salem and Annie Andrea Salem to Campagnari Construction LLC, 2494 Wilbraham Road, $25,000.

Arlene M. LaFreniere to Thomas Blais and Cathleen Blais, 36 Shady Brook Lane, $200,000.

Belmira R. Tash to Pah Properties LLC, 161 Garland St., $152,500.

Brital 1987 LLC, to JJJ17 LLC, 89 Firglade Ave., $175,000.

Camille Moreno and Angel Moreno to Jose Badillo and Chelsey Badillo, 248 Stapleton Road, $206,000.

Carlos Aguasvivas and Evelyn Liriano, spouse, to Ivette G. Terrero, 50 Ashland Ave., $350,000.

Carlos M. Colon Lebron to Jodarys Dominguez and Maria E. Ortiz Zayas, 41 Ardmore St., $240,000.

Carmine Maione and Efstathia Maione to Lauren M. Lynch Hamre, 45 Emerald Road, $199,900.

Christian A. Stuetzel, Wayne E. Stuetzel and Augustine J. Stuetzel to Samira L. Fernandes, 134 Buckingham St., $206,000.

Christopher Barnes and Maria Barnes to Victor Pacheco and Lydia D. Pacheco, 141 Firglade Ave., $250,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Jaim 4 Realty LLC, 642 Cooley St., $145,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Marcos Serrano and Evelyn Rivera, 940 Carew St., $245,000.

Daniel Triggs to Luiz A. Diaz, 75 Gillette Circle, $260,000.

Darren H. Krzynowek to Jessica M. Del Negro, 44 Fenway Drive, $249,000.

Donald E. Moran to Round Two LLC, 77 Johnson St., $150,000.

Freddie L. King Jr., and Pauline Lavette King to Mass Housing Connect Inc., 91 Norfolk St., $35,000.

Ganga Tiwari to Keishla Marie Diaz-Olavarria, 32-34 Rittenhouse Terrace, $260,000.

Georgette A. Cardano to Adaku Chikezie, 97 Florence St., $180,000.

Hector R. Cortes to Angel Andino, 11 Kosciusko St., $180,000.

Humboldt Realty LLC, to Ariana Lugo, 191 Windemere St., $250,000.

Ivy M. Samuels to Jose Bonilla, 134 Massachusetts Ave., $248,000.

James M. Naioleari to Marie T. Naioleari and Kyle J. Barszczewski, 21-23 Kenwood Terrace, $50,000.

Jennifer M. McCarthy to Kyara Cortes, 45 Wachusett St., $245,000.

Joan Carol Barr to Dias Properties LLC, 70 Vermont St., $60,000.

Jodarys Lopez-Ortiz and Maria Ortiz to Analese Perez, 79 Tavistock St., $180,000.

Johanna Sanchez-Espinosa and Joel Navarro-Melendez to Nancy Cabrera, 37 Lafayette St., $225,000.

Juan Santana to Charles F. Bogues, 67 Saint James Ave., $262,000.

Juease Martin to Steven L. Martin, 52 Nelson Ave., $40,000.

Kelnate Realty LLC, to Jessica L. Chiba, 91-93 Malden St., $225,000.

Kenneth Fitzgibbon to Manuel Rodriguez and Iris Miosotis Serrano-Melendez, 28 Rush St., $200,000.

Pearson-Liberty Development Co., LP and Thomas J. Henshon to IBEW Local 7 Realty Co. Inc, 95 Liberty St., $3,150,000.

Laura Fuentes and Laura Gregory to Rodman Capital Group LLC, 124 Hood St., $110,000.

Linda A. Mentor, Anthony J. Marino III, representative, Anthony J. Marino Jr., estate, John C. Marino and Robert L. Marino to Duc Van Nguyen, Phoung Thi La and Chau X Nguyen, 51-53 Woodlawn St., $230,000.

Lois Anne Miller to Wanda Tiburcio-Duran, 72-74 Silver St., $236,000.

Long K. Tran and Quang K. Tran to Danilo R. Caceres, 608-610 Dickinson St., $255,000.

Malia Homebuyers LLC, to Sherry Washington, 361 Forest Hills Road, $325,000.

Michael G. Vumbaco, Judith M. Haber and Judith V. Haber to Nicholas M. Vumbaco, 92 Pidgeon Drive, $224,000.

Michael R. Breton to Craig Cowles and Jennifer Cowles, 58 Emeline Court, $350,000.

Michelle Stuart and Kathryn Corrington Mcdaniel to Luis M Felix and Marisol Valentin, 27 Sherbrooke St, $284,000.

Minas S. Alitbi to Om Sai Property Investment LLC, 60-62 Home St., $290,000.

Nicholas J. Alberto to Peter Mason and Elizabeth Mason, 48 Fellsmere St., $310,000.

Nicholas J. Trudell and Christine Trudell to Desiree Rivera, 45 Wakefield St., $245,000.

Norma Rodriguez and Abelardo King to Rising LLC, 133 Maple St., $216,200.

Roger J. Chicoine to Anthony Ray Lorenzano and Celeste Solano, 288 West Allen Ridge Road, $275,000.

Sean P. Garvey to Alexander Lozada and Brittany Pickett, 45 Slumber Lane, $250,000.

Shawn A. Campbell and Maranda L. Campbell to Sirjeffory R. Smith and Geoconda E. Smith, 50 Tamarack Drive, $270,000.

Silvio S. Nubile, Cheryl E. Nubile and Cheryl E. LaPierre to JJJ17 LLC, 476-478 Carew St., $150,000.

Stanley H. Czaplicki to Jaim 4 Realty LLC, 64-66 Moulton St., $210,000.

Steven L. Martin to Samantha Diaz, 49-51 Mansfield St., $270,000.

Thanh-Huong Anna Tran to Phuc Tran and Toan Thi Thanh Vo, 17 Wexford St., $250,000.

Thomas M. Belton and Thomas H. Hodge to Caleb Gladden and Geraldine Gladden, 27-29 Annawon St., $163,000.

Tu Cam Pham to Van Anh Nguyen and Anh Tran, 218-220 White St., $165,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and Master Participation Trust LSF9, trustee, to Santana Real Estate Inc., 55 Perkins St., $201,000.

Xaver Sierra to Mildalys Nunez, 96 Crestmont St., $212,000.


Edwin C. Demara to Barbara J. Goodhind and Marilyn D. Kochan, 40 Old Amherst Road, $100.

Edwin C. Demara to Barbara J. Goodhind and Marilyn D. Kochan, Amherst Road. $100.


Lorrie J. Rowan, Linde J. Skowronek and Liane J. Gladowski to Mackenna Hogan, 45 South St., $209,000.

Mandi Souza and Richard Souza to David Matthew Hannus, 10 Campbell Road, $352,006.

Jason M. Jurczyk and Kenneth P. Jurczyk to Jason M. Jurczyk, 22 Mechanic St., $100.

Paul Lescault, personal representative, and Claudette G. Lescault, estate, to Unique Home Solutions LLC, and Gary L. Mort, 5 Castle St., $50,000.

James R. Barr and Stacy K. Barr to Jimeana Richardson, 20 Church St., $295,000.

Claudia A. Shields to Ryan Malakie, 125 West Main St., $225,000.

West Springfield

Edith J. Eckert to Hedge Hog Industries Corp., 38 Hill St., $100,000.

Gerald F. Solitario and Margaret A. Solitario to Joseph M. Werner and Jenifer Werner, 116 Apple Ridge Road, $521,500.

Peter V. Prewandowski to Zyina Volkinski, 118 Labelle St., $200,000.

Ronald J. Halley to Lawrence Meccariello, 553 Elm St., $300,000.

Sergey Zhupikov and Zhanneta Zhupikov to Alberto F. Burgos, Alberto Burgos and Angela Burgos, 10 Brook Place, $335,000.


Eugene S. Bacon and Laura L. Bacon to Kyle Racicot and Keriann M. Racicot, 16 Heritage Lane, $370,000.

Gene R. Rowe, Hyun S. Rowe and Sumi Chase to George Burton Page, 419 Southwick Road, Unit L-53, $245,000.

Jeremie Lambert to Nico Paolucci and Nicole Paolucci, 67 Kittredge Drive, $370,000.

John Joyce to Taylor Lyford and Jeffrey Peter Lenkowski, 76 Montgomery St., $219,900.

Karen Brzezinski, representative, and Stanley E. Zlotek, estate, to Alexandra Caisse and Thaddeus Caisse, 174 Holyoke Road, $215,000.

Kyle D. Racicot, Keriann M. Racicot and Keriann M. McCarthy to Gabriella C. Hernandez and Danielle A. Mickey, 120 Roosevelt Ave., $260,000.

Patricia A. Cavanaugh to Minming Zheng and Lei Xiong, 35 Oakcrest Drive, $440,000.

Sheila E. Paquette to Gail M. Paquette and Stephane LaFlamme, 20 Pequot Point Road, $150,000.

Tm Properties Inc., to Susan Mazzola and John Mazzola, 55 East Silver St., $265,000.

Wayne MacDonald to Oscar Andres Saeteros and Rosa Maribel Montero Saeteros, 5 Dubois St., $200,000.


Thomas Raschi to Jeffrey J. Burke and Mary E. Randazzo, 290 Southampton Road, $425,000.


Donald L. Webster and Stacey A. Webster to Kurt M. Brazeau and Kayce D. Warren, 199 River Road, $440,900.


Charles A. Sommer and Sheryl A. Sommer to Sheldrick L. Streete and Idella D. Streete, 6 Wagon Drive, $685,000.

Hamid A. Mahdavy and Elham A. Mahdavy to Ashley L. Berthume and Andrew L. Berthume, 12 Apple Hill Road, $569,900.

Jacob R. Motyl and Laura J. Motyl to John R. Donkoh and Mariam Kwarteng, 2 Severyn St., $325,000.

Matthew C. Trudeau, Carolyn E. Trudeau and Carolyn E. Knight to Joseph Martin Kane and Jenna Nicole Hourani, 25 Eastwood Drive, $540,000.

Naldo D. Mammarelli to William D. Dupre and Erica L. Dupre, 11 Fernwood Drive, $386,500.

Ryan J. O’Keefe and Laura M. O’Keefe to Roger J. Chicoine, 28 Fernwood Drive, $455,000.


Thomas Henry Lynn and Brigid Mary Donnell Lynn to Jennifer E. Reagan and Michael Connors, 23 Old Goshen Road, $409,000.

Alfred J. Albano Jr., and Lisa M. Blackmer to Martin E. Howell, 7 Nash Hill Road, $285,000.