Miami Beach Real Estate

Miami Beach real estate is a location where some of the most exclusive properties can be found. The climate, entertainment venues, and atmosphere are most alluring to visitors from around the world. Properties on or near the ocean include lofts, single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and villas that represent a unique and opulent lifestyle.

The locals that inhabit this region of Florida are privy to several indulgent options. The convenience of restaurants, shopping and nightlife makes this area ripe for those who love the tropicality of this community. From fine dining to more casual eateries, an abundance of variety allows for a number of delectable options. Upscale boutiques and shops line the streets of Downtown Miami, especially in the Bal Harbour area which is known for its high-end shopping venues. Many of the clubs of South Beach offer hours upon hours of live entertainment for dancing, listening and overall enjoyment for spectators.

On Miami Beach real estate, a five-star resort life-style can be attained with oceanfront views and white powder sand beaches. Northeast Miami-Dade County allows for the perfect placement of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Intracoastal Waterway to the west. The Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports make for a convenient commute for the millions of visitors that frequent this area annually. Loads of activities can be enjoyed that include water sports like boating, fishing and water skiing. This kind of recreation is sought after year round under warm sunny Florida skies.

This city is also popular for its rich cultural mix. The diversity of the neighborhoods enhance the surroundings resulting in a great place in which to raise a family. The local events cater to each culture with music, art and a wide variety of food selections.

In Miami Beach, luxury properties have become so popular that they are replacing many of the hotels and motels that use to line the main thoroughfare along the Atlantic shores. These towering constructions can be seen from several of the extravagantly designed units with views of the cityscape. A vast amount of redevelopment is sweeping through this prestigious community and totally changing the skyline. Masses of young families are migrating here to settle on or near water. Seniors choose this area of Florida as a retirement spot because of the quiet and tranquility that upscale living on the water has to offer.

More and more developers are seeing the valuable potential in Miami Beach real estate. Unlike other upscale communities, Miami Beach offers zoning for high-rises. This feature is extremely attractive to the savvy investor and developer to bargain for great returns. From the onset, Miami city officials had in their vision to implement plans for building towers of quality housing with modern high-end appeal. The tax revenues generated from the evident influx of people and new constructions, are soaring. However, these funds are all reinvested into the city.

Even with its popularity, Miami Beach has limited beachfront land on which to build. This is why making a purchase at pre-construction usually guarantees a lower price than an existing property. The closer to completion, the price of the property gets more expensive. Therefore, timing is a key factor in the decision-making process.

Without a doubt, the properties found in Miami Beach have become favorites for vacationers, honeymooners and those who just like to call it home. For the investor these properties are most profitable with margins of utility that on occasion have soared above market.

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