North Cyprus Property – 5 Reasons to Buy

Many people decide to buy property in North Cyprus. Why they do is completely up to them. However, if you’re thinking about buying North Cyprus property, but aren’t completely sure, we’d like to offer you five reasons to buy a home in this Mediterranean paradise.

Reason #1: Affordability

With homes starting as low as GBP 50,000, anyone can afford to buy a home or vacation property on the island of Cyprus. It’s not like some places where you are expected to be a millionaire to get a piece of the prime real estate. There are million dollar homes for those who want them, but there are also simpler, more affordable houses for the middle class. Having affordable homes is the number one reason the economy in North Cyprus is so good right now.

Reason #2: Location

Who doesn’t want to live in an island paradise? Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean Sea, hundreds of miles from all other civilization. By purchasing a home in this location, you can enjoy a relaxing lifestyle that many people never see. From beachfront homes to country cottages and even city living, there’s something for everyone in North Cyprus property. If living on an exotic island is in your list of must-haves, consider Cyprus for it’s wonderful island appeal, while still offering affordability to its inhabitants.

Reason #3: Economy

With the state of the economy in the US, it’s not a good place to invest in property. Cyprus, on the other hand, has a booming economy that supports growth and development. By purchasing property here, you will guarantee yourself a good investment. In ten years, you might even end up profiting largely if you should decide to sell. With tourism, university revenue from their five colleges, and other means of income, Cyprus isn’t wasting any time showing off their successful economy.

Reason #4 and #5 can be tied back to reason #2: location.

With the affordability of property, and the great state of the economy, why not live in a Mediterranean island paradise? It sure beats London or New York City. You’ll have the laid back lifestyle that an island offers, with the family spirit of one-ness as a small country. Ultimately, there are no bad things to say about North Cyprus Property.

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