North Cyprus Property Benefits – Why You Should Buy in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus property benefits are many. The real estate market in North Cyprus is in the beginning stages. This means that prices are at their lowest – and now is the time to get in before demand drives the prices up. Real estate is a lot like the stock market. The key is knowing when to buy and when to sell. Buy when the prices are low – sell when the prices are high. Real estate investors have already begun to realize some of the North Cyprus property benefits, which is another reason that now is the time to get in on the action.

Prices are not the only North Cyprus property benefits. The location of the island is a selling point by itself. Located almost in the middle of the world, a stepping-stone between the east and the west, this beautiful paradise has lain untouched for centuries. Home to animals that are found nowhere else, this mostly untouched land provides a sanctuary for endangered wildlife and plants. Another of the many North Cyprus property benefits is that most properties are within minutes of this lush landscape as well as the conveniences of shopping centers and banks. Many properties offer a breath-taking view of the Mediterranean and the beautiful beaches and coves bordering the island with a backdrop of mountains teeming with orange or olive trees. North Cyprus is the island where two worlds collide – the ancient and the new – where modern amenities are available just minutes from ancient ruins, where the people still live by the Golden Rule and hospitality and friendliness rule the day.

Other North Cyprus property benefits include government incentives for foreigners wishing to open businesses on the island, especially in industries associated with tourism. Another great benefit is that the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) has a flexible foreign exchange policy – one with few restriction and no questions regarding the source of the money, which makes visiting the island a pleasant experience and investing in the growth of the island practically painless.

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