PG Mayor thinks supportive housing will place a dent into open up drug use

The concern of open drug use in Prince George has achieved a fever pitch as soon as all over again.

Teams like the Prince George Public Library and PG Sexual Assault Centre have both experienced to move areas or limit public washroom obtain owing to drug use and greater instances of vandalism.

These corporations are placing enhanced tension on the city to enable offer with the ongoing trouble – most notably in the downtown main.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce sounded off after noticing drug needles, foil wraps, and baggies on the front steps of a business enterprise.

Mayor Lyn Corridor told supports like the integrated housing design on 1st Avenue is on the horizon.

“If we have 100 units of supportive housing will be in the following 6 months. I know that is six months absent but that supportive housing will give supports to folks with mental sickness and drug dependancy. It will give them healthcare supports appropriate on-site together with lodging.”

“Will it be the best answer in which you see no person on the avenue that is suffering from homelessness, mental health issues, or drug dependancy, I do not feel so but I feel this will be a big get started. You will hear that there is room at our shelters but for me, it’s supportive housing, not shelter housing that is likely to be the quick-array remedy. Shelter housing is without query desired but I consider it is the supportive housing piece that is so critical.”

A proposal to deliver an more 50 harmless and supportive homes for people today enduring homelessness is also in the works and would be found on the same block as the 1st Avenue task.

Corridor commonly admits tensions are jogging significant to shore up the problem, given the amount of money of time and financial commitment that has gone into propping up the downtown core.

“The disheartening piece for me is that I glance out my window and I see a new pool, I see university student housing, condominium growth across from TELUS and the new Hyatt resort those are facilities that have essential downtown but to offset that, we are dealing with a homeless difficulty we have not found before.”

The metropolis proceeds to have conversations with the PG RCMP about the risk of owning greater foot patrols in the downtown location.

“I don’t know that you are likely to eradicate it (the social issues downtown). I assume what it boils down to is that the RCMP is doing a tremendous volume of operate in our downtown but at the conclusion of the day, it’s about the quantities of patrols, the selection of officers that they can put into the downtown area to conduct ongoing patrols. We also have by legislation enforcement officers that are downtown as effectively but they do not have arresting ability.”

The town will be dealing with the proposed Safe Streets bylaw throughout the August 30th council meeting.

In June, the City of Terrace declared their downtown in crisis right after conversations regarding, homelessness, drug addiction, and mental disease.