Property Investment in Sunningdale

Sunningdale is a pretty village in the Royal county of Berkshire within the bounds of Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

History of Sunningdale:

Sunna’s Valley; the meaning of the phrase gets its roots from Sunninghill Dale. Sunna was the chief of the Saxons, and the Saxons who stationed at Sonning was using the area as an outpost position. They established a village to live in out of the Windsor Forest. The area was open to various dangers such as bandits until the early 1800s. This historical place offers the utmost security now for those who are letting or buying a property in Sunningdale.

Sites to see in Sunningdale:

At the south of Sunningdale, the Bromhall Priory that is a nunnery belongs to medieval age took its place. It was founded in 1100s and carried its mission out until 1535. The old parish church was stationed at Old Windsor. The church is renown with the statue of King Alfred. The sculptor was Count Gleicher, aka Prince Victor of Hohenlohe who was a German Prince and joined the Royal Navy lately and became an admiral for his service in Her Majesty’s Navy. That is another opportunity for peace and belief for those planning to let or to buy a property in Sunningdale.

Travel to Sunningdale:

It’s possible to reach Sunningdale via airway, railway and highway. Arrivals via airway use bus to Feltam and train from Feltam to Sunningdale; arrivals via train use train from Waterloo to Sunningdale station and then taxi or shuttle from the station to Sunningdale; arrivals from the highway use M3, M4, M25, A30, A322, A329, A332, A355 and B383 highways according to the raly point. There are many transportation choices that makes Sunningdale easy to reach to and from the locations around Sunningdale for planning to let or to buy a property in Sunningdale.

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