Save Money! Build Your Own Cheap Solar Panels

Save Money! Build Your Own Cheap Solar Panels

It is actually much easier than you might think to build your own solar panels. You really don’t need any experience or knowledge about electricity in order to build a fully functioning solar power generator that you can use to power appliances in your home! The Earth4Energy DIY kit is a step by step guide detailing the process from how to find solar cells, to assembly, to installation. The program also includes video training for those of us that require something a bit more visual. The only thing you will need to know is how to solder. Soldering is very simple to learn, and applies to many repair projects.

Solar energy is one of the few natural energy resources that the typical end-user consumer (like you and I) can tap, harness, and use. The cost saving benefit of using solar power could be enormous! Can you imagine cutting your electric bill in half, or better yet, eliminating it completely, or better still, imagine the local electric company sending you a check every month instead of a bill. Sound too good to be true? In most states, the electric companies have to reimburse you for any power you produce above the amount you use. That means if you generate more power every month than your entire household uses, the electric company has to send you a check, BY LAW (depending on your home state, check statutes).

You can build your own cheap solar panels for less than $200 in most cases, and often even less expensive than that. The key is a good step-by-step guide. The best guide I have found to learn to build your own solar generator is Earth4Energy. Their product contains a wealth of knowledge on the subject and includes a step-by-step guide with good instruction and plenty of good pictures, an energy calculator wiring diagrams and video tutorials

Commercially manufactured residential solar panels can cost upwards of $1,500 each depending on the power output of the device. If you build your own panels, you could potentially save over $1,000 PER PANEL! For the cost of a single commercial panel, you could build 6-10! Save money by switching to solar power.

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