Selling Your House Quickly in a Falling Market

As the property market continues to fall, selling your house quickly might save you from a personal finance disaster. There are many ways to sell your house fast, but only one method that guarantees a sale in 3 weeks, and for a decent price. This article gives you the initial steps to the process.

First up comes price. There is no point in trying to make substantial profit gains from selling your house quickly. The days of making money from property are truly over, and you’re best to go for a price at or below market value. It all depends on how much you still owe to the bank. Get a third-party valuer in to have a look around and give you a professional opinion.

Once you’ve got a realistic price, think about how you’re going to advertise. Let me tell you now that advertising strategies that may have worked last year are not going to cut it now. The buyers are in control now, so make sure your sales copy appeals to them. Why should they check out your place over all the others on the market? Focus on that question, and be exciting!

Of course, no matter how many buyers you get through your property, they’re not necessarily going to make a fast offer unless they feel pressure. The best way to give your prospects a little bit of a push along is to give them a one-off deal. what can you offer them in return for a bid within the week? The furniture? The refrigerator? If you’re a professional you could offer them a free service? Be creative!

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