Siemens Home Appliances: Best Selling Wine Coolers 

Siemens Wine Storage - Spillers of Chard Limited

The golden rule while buying wine coolers is to get one that is reliable and can keep your wine cool to the extent you want it. The number of sales that brands make on a product shows the quality of the product. Customers don’t like to buy substandard products over and over again. 

Siemens is one of the leading producers of red wine coolers, and they produce quality products that come in different styles and sizes. For those who don’t know their best-selling products, here is a description of each of the wine coolers that Siemens have in the market that are selling out quickly. 

  1. Siemens iQ500: KU20WVHF0G

Siemens iQ500: KU20WVHF0G is one of the best 300mm under-counter Siemens wine coolers. This wine refrigerator is about 82 centimeters in length and 30 centimeters wide. This product is very convenient and can easily fit into your kitchen. It can take up to 21 bottles of wine at once. It comes with a child lock, a LED, and an interior ventilator. 

  1. SIEMENS iQ700: CI18WP03

SIEMENS iQ700: CI18WP03 is among the best freestanding wine fridges in production made by Siemens. This one is recommended when you need to store more wine in your home. Despite its size, it can fit very well into your home, as it is freestanding. This wine cooler comes with a five-year warranty, and it also comes with its pecks. You can control the wine cooler with its home connect app no matter where you are in your house. Its official price starts at £5,199.00.

  1. Siemens iQ700: CI24WP03

Siemens iQ700: CI24WP03 is another hot product that is sold by Siemens. If you are to store 75 CL bottles of wine in it, it can contain up to 92 bottles. The temperature of this wine cooler is adjustable, and the temperature zones are 3 in number. With an energy class of G, the annual energy consumption per year is 155 kWh/annum. It comes with a LED light, and you can control it with the home connect app. This product comes at an official price of £5,799.00.

  1. Siemens iQ500 KW36KATGA

This product is sold at an official price of £2,069 and is 186cm in length and 60cm in width. When 75 cl wine bottles are loaded in this wine cooler, it can take up to 199 bottles. It also comes with a UV filter to ensure your wine is properly stored

  1. Siemens iQ500 KW16KATGAG

Siemens iQ500 KW16KATGAG is a portable wine cooler that can contain forty-four 75 cl bottles. It comes with a LED light and a UV ray filter to prevent ultraviolet rays from coming in. It does not consume a lot of electricity as its energy efficiency class is G. The product’s starting price is £1,1990.


Best Selling products are those products that are of the best quality. Siemens is one of the leading manufacturers of wine refrigerators, and many of their products are always selling out. Products like Siemens iQ500 KW16KATGAG and Siemens iQ700: CI24WP03 are some of the best-selling items.