The Cheapest Neighborhoods in Dallas for Renters in 2022


Rent prices here definitely aren’t as high as a beauty queen’s crown.

Dallas belongs to North Texas and is a flourishing city ripe with attractions. From large concerts and sporting events to sleek shopping centers and fancy dining, Dallas does not lack luxurious living. Its art museums and local culinary scenes reflect its rich cultural diversity.

The city is also home to major companies like AT&T, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Southwest Airlines and more. As a popular place to live and work, Dallas is one of the most coveted cities in the state of Texas.

What is the average rent in Dallas?

Dallas is a city with many housing options. As of Jan. 2022, the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,509 per month. However, those on a budget can benefit from the most affordable neighborhoods in Dallas. After all, just because everything is bigger in Texas doesn’t mean it’s more expensive.

The 10 most affordable neighborhoods in Dallas

Though Dallas is a large metropolis that can cost more to live in, there are certain neighborhoods perfect for those with limited funds. Most of us are on a budget, and you can still enjoy all that this swanky city has to offer simply by choosing the right area. In this article, we’ll closely examine the 10 cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas to help you make an informed decision.

10. Five Mile Creek

Five Mile Creek

Source: Mile Creek Apartments
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,099
  • Rent change since 2021: +5.58%

Five Mile Creek features multiple apartment complexes, clusters of shopping establishments, churches and schools. For example, Big T Plaza lets residents check out the latest fashion while Solomon & Co. sells custom jewelry. Nearby, Daqs N Raqs serves fresh daiquiris, fish and chicken while customers play a friendly game of pool.

A few large employers in the area are Chase Bank, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Don Herring Mitsubishi and Oak West Health Center. The historic Five Mile Creek Greenbelt consists of 317.9 acres with walking trails and a playground. Established in 1941, the Five Mile Creek Greenbelt brings joy to many who appreciate nature. In addition to being an eclectic neighborhood, Five Mile Creek is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Dallas.

9. Casa View

Casa View

Source: Fairways
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,085
  • Rent change since 2021: +2.05%

Casa View is in the northeastern part of Dallas and a residential neighborhood that attracts families. Grocery and shopping centers are central to this neighborhood and grouped in a large cluster in the Casa View Shopping Center. These establishments include a large Walmart, iconic dancing shoes and clothing at Sandy’s Dancewear, footwear at WSS and more.

To the south of the Casa View Shopping Center is Harry Stone Park. Established in 1955, Harry Stone Park boasts 19.7 beautiful acres of land. This historic green space has a pool, playground, walking trails, tennis court, softball field and recreation center. South of Harry Stone Park is Texas Barber College, where young students can complete a fully accredited program and embark on a new career in barbering. In addition to being a convenient location with many amenities, Casa View is one of the cheapest places to live in Dallas.

8. Cedar Crest

Cedar Crest

Source: a Southern Oaks
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,058
  • Rent change since 2021: +6.84%

Cedar Crest is a fun and thriving neighborhood in Dallas. The Dallas Zoo sprawls 95 acres and has 2,000 animals for children and adults to encounter. From scheduled giraffe feedings to learning about tigers and elephants, The Dallas Zoo is a popular attraction full of interactive experiences.

Nearby, Sweet Georgia Brown offers delicious soul food and BBQ while Miz. G’s House of Pies serves piping hot pies, cakes, cookies and other desserts. The Dallas VA Medical Center is also in Cedar Crest, drawing in retired veterans. With plenty of schools, eateries and attractions, Cedar Crest is also one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas.

7. Forest Hills

Forest Hills, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas

Source: White Rock Hills Townhomes
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,040
  • Rent change since 2021: +7.72%

Forest Hills is in the eastern portion of Dallas. Rows of affordable housing characterize this neighborhood, and it’s close to other areas like Little Forest Hills, Linwood Park/Casa Linda Forest, Eastwood Hills, Claremont and Lakewood Hills.

Right outside the borders of Forest Hills sits the highly-rated Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which has 70 acres of beautiful gardens and frequently hosts concerts, classes and exhibits for the community. In addition to being one of the cheapest places to live in Dallas, many renters flock to Forest Hills for its quiet community setting and easy access to surrounding neighborhoods.

6. Buckner Terrace

Buckner Terrace

Source: Place
  • Average 2-BR rent: $957
  • Rent change since 2021: +5.95%

Buckner Terrace is a decent-sized neighborhood with plenty of nearby schools, including Edna Rowe Elementary School, Frank Guzick Elementary School and Skyline High School. Skyline Branch Library provides help with homework, free Wi-Fi, a teen center and storytime for children.

Apartment complexes appear sporadically throughout the neighborhood, and restaurants like Cici’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Denny’s, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Wendy’s and Wingstop offer classic fast-food choices. The residential community of Buckner Terrace is great for young and growing families, and it’s one of the cheapest places to live in Dallas.

5. Riverway Estates-Bruton Terrace

Riverway Estates-Bruton Terrace, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas.

  • Average 2-BR rent: $956
  • Rent change since 2021: +0.03%

Riverway Estates-Bruton Terrace is a neighborhood to the southeast of Buckner Terrace. It’s mainly a residential area with intermittent green spaces like J.P. Hawn Park, Cedar Run Park and Pleasant Oaks Park, which also features a nice recreation center enjoyed by many. Forester Field also hosts local sporting events.

Schools, apartment complexes, churches and local restaurants are easy to find in Riverway Estates-Bruton Terrace. First Baptist Academy is a private school in Riverway Estates-Bruton Terrace and has a large athletic complex where kids can test out their skills on the court. While Riverway Estates-Bruton Terrace is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas, it’s also quite close to the neighboring city of Mesquite, TX.

4. Southeast Dallas

Southeast Dallas

Source: Apartments
  • Average 2-BR rent: $924
  • Rent change since 2021: +3.40%

Southeast Dallas is a large neighborhood with much to appreciate like the Trinity River Audubon Center. This nature preserve allows individuals to go hiking, biking, kayaking or bird-watching. Multiple schools are in this area, such as Ebby Halliday Elementary School, Seagoville High School and H. Grady Spruce High School.

Southeast Dallas Health Center is also a large employer in this area, attracting medical staff and personnel. For one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas, Southeast Dallas has a lot to offer young families with school-aged children, nature-lovers and burgeoning medical professionals.

3. Highland Hills

Highland Hills, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas

Source: Village Apartments
  • Average 2-BR rent: $921
  • Rent change since 2021: +18.61%

Highland Hills is a smaller neighborhood in the southern portion of Dallas. This neighborhood is perfect for those on a budget who want a residential setting and close proximity to other neighborhoods. Bahama Cones dishes out delicious ice cream in this neighborhood while Sunday Morning Catfish and More serve platters of Southern-style fried seafood.

Nearby, residents work out at the local Planet Fitness. Right outside the boundaries of Highland Hills is Rutherford Elementary School, with a nice school park and recreation center enjoyed by children. Currently, Highland Hills is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas.

2. Piedmont


Source: Square
  • Average 2-BR rent: $826
  • Rent change since 2021: +4.69%

Piedmont is a residential neighborhood with grocery stores and supermarkets like Walmart and El Rancho Supermercado. Almost right in the center of Piedmont is Grover C. Keeton Golf Course, complete with 18 holes, a practice area, snack bar and shop. After playing golf, residents head over to El Palote Panaderia, a highly-rated restaurant with delicious Mexican food and baked goods.

Elementary schools include John Ireland Elementary School, Henry B. Gonzalez Personalized Learning Academy and Piedmont GLOBAL Academy. Children and adults find green spaces like Roosevelt Park, Devon Park, Umphress Park and Gateway Park relaxing. Piedmont is not only a great area, but one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Dallas.

1. Wynnewood

Wynnewood, the cheapest neighborhood in Dallas

Source: at Wynnewood
  • Average 2-BR rent: $681
  • Rent change since 2021: +2.28%

Wynnewood is a neighborhood located in the southwestern portion of Dallas and north of Five Mile Creek. This neighborhood has no shortage of places to shop and eat. Wynnewood Village is a popular shopping center, and clothing, footwear and electronics retailers surround it. Eat at classic fast-food restaurants like Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers or Burger King before heading further south to grab a drink at O’Malley’s Club.

Not too far from Wynnewood is Kiest Park, with 263 green acres, tennis courts, a pool and nature and sports facilities. As of now, Wynnewood is the cheapest neighborhood in Dallas.

The most expensive neighborhood in Dallas

Victory Park is an elite neighborhood in Dallas recognized for its incredible venues. Whether it’s catching a basketball or football game at the American Airlines Center, a gourmet meal and movie at the 44,000-square-foot Cinepolis or going to a lively concert at the renowned House of Blues, luxury is waiting around every corner. It’s no surprise that Victory Park is currently the most expensive neighborhood in Dallas, with the average two-bedroom rent at $5,337 and an 83.69 percent rent change since 2021.

Find an affordable neighborhood for your next apartment

If you’re looking for apartments for rent in Dallas, you have come to the right place. is here to assist renters like you. The cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas covered in this article will help you know where to start looking, and if you want to know more about moving to this vibrant city, we cover the cost of living in Dallas, as well! We wish you nothing but the best as you search for your new home in the Lone Star State.

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