Things To Avoid Doing During the Initial Stages of A Divorce

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Divorce is never an easy experience, and if you’re entering the process unprepared or unaware of what to expect, it can be even more difficult. The initial stages of a divorce can be extremely intimidating and stressful, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with what not to do in order to prevent any further complications. Here are some things that should be avoided when going through a no fault uncontested divorce or a contested divorce in Alabama.

Avoid Making Any Major Changes In Your Life

Though it may be tempting to make big changes such as quitting your job or selling assets during this period of your life, it’s best to wait until after everything is finalized so that you don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position. For example, taking on significant debt just before filing for divorce could lead to arguments about who will pay for it down the line. Similarly, selling assets may mean that you lose out on potential profits post-divorce which would otherwise go towards providing financial stability for your future.

Don’t Rush Into An Agreement

Since divorces can often involve multiple contentious negotiations over issues such as child custody and division of assets, avoiding rushing into any agreement is key in order to make sure that both parties are getting fair terms. Take enough time for both parties to look over all their options and discuss details before signing any type of document; this will make sure neither party ends up feeling taken advantage of or misled down the road.

Do Not Try To Hide Assets From Your Partner

Hiding assets from your partner during a divorce is not only dishonest but also illegal! Though it’s understandable why someone might want to keep certain items private (like bank accounts), doing so could result in hefty fines once discovered by the court – and could potentially even lead to further legal actions being taken against the person attempting to conceal them. It’s best not to risk incurring unnecessary penalties by skipping full disclosure during the proceedings; honesty is always the best policy here!

Refrain From Speaking Negatively About Your Spouse

No matter how strained your relationship may have become, speaking negatively about your spouse during a divorce can create more tension and animosity between both parties than necessary – which could end up prolonging the process altogether. Even if there are frustrations on both sides, try taking steps like mediation or counseling in order to address any unresolved issues civilly without dragging them out in public forums like courtrooms (or worse yet – social media!).

Don’t Blame Yourself For The Divorce

Particularly if children are involved but regardless there shouldn’t be guilt brought upon either party. One person isn’t responsible for causing a marriage dissolution no matter what anyone says and accepting responsibility only sets you up with feelings of guilt rather than closure – which won’t benefit anyone in the long run! Make sure you take time for self-care post-divorce too; this includes activities like yoga/meditation or finding other outlets for stress relief like painting classes etc., whatever works for you!

In conclusion, if going through a divorce remember that these initial stages are tumultuous but also that certain steps should be taken in order ensure fairness throughout proceedings – from avoiding making major decisions prior-divorce such as taking on large amounts of debt/selling off assets etc.,to refraining from speaking negatively about one another publicly and acknowledging various rights within legal boundaries among others! Wishing those going through this process all the best during their journey.

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