Types of Cheap Tiles

Are You confused in design of the floor? Here are tips for selection of tiles. As we know tile is the most suitable material for the floor of the house for some reason.

Did you know that tile has been used since Roman times, and until now because of the reasonable price, many choices in the market, making the tiles as a choice of all. As we know that the ceramic is a material that can be durable, easily cleaned and treated. Ceramic tiles are available in many sizes, textures, shapes, the color is easy to match.

In addition, they are very easy to install, where almost every home builders can do it neatly.

Types of Cheap Tiles:

Ceramic. Generally, there are ceramic tiles which are sold in Glazed, mosaic, Quarry and porcelain.

Glazed Tiles. There are several types of surface that is glossy, matte, and anti-slip. Glazed are glossy is not suitable for bathrooms and kitchens because it will become slippery when there is wet.

Mosaic. Available in a variety of materials and finishing, from glass to ceramics, and is also available in various patterns and images with vivid colors.

Quarry. These are a made of a mixture of clay and are usually have natural color: gray, red, brown. The color comes from clay and color depending on the temperature of combustion. These are not suitable for kitchen.

Porcelain. It has a stronger hold when compared with other tiles because the burning process at high temperature, cell density in the tile is also very good. Suitable for frequently traveled places.

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