Want to Buy a Property Or Invest in Cyprus? Current Construction Projects Underway!

During economic slowdowns, the avid property investor rubs his or her hands with glee! This is because there are properties to be had for prices that are far cheaper than in normal circumstances. If you are planning a real estate investment then the question has to be why Cyprus? What make this Island the first choice of the knowledgeable property investor. How can property trends be predicted so far into the future? Lastly why should a person wishing to immigrate or purchase a holiday property choose this as their destination? There are some seriously good answers to these questions! Property prices here have risen more than anywhere else in the world over the last ten years by almost 280 % which is an astounding figure! The rental demand for houses here has been exceptional over the same period.

Cyprus without doubt, has now become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe due to its spectacular world class beaches, dramatic scenery and lastly its nightlife. The evening entertainment being second only to Ibiza. This mass exodus of tourism has resulted in an exceptional demand for properties on the island. Along with the fact that Cyprus has been voted the best place in the world to retire by expats living abroad in a Sunday Times survey! Coupled with some of the finest taxation systems on pensions and owning property worldwide, has made it such a popular destination! The crime rate here is amongst the lowest in the entire world and the medical care is exceptional! All in all along with the cost of living it is easy to see why the island has become so popular with house buyers an investors alike!

The popularity of Cyprus has been creating a demand for around 20,000 properties a month to be built in order to satisfy the needs of property purchasers here and with all of the projects occurring within the island the demand for properties here is sure to rise substantially well in to the next decade! Added to this the scarcity of prime building land for example: for building three golf courses means that any such property bought in these prime locations will determine a hefty return on your investment or a massive surge in the value of your purchase price. The single biggest reason to buy or invest here above many other destinations is the steady but impressive increase in value of property bought here, along with all of the projects that are already being built means the value and demand for property will be incredible in the next few years. It is also a fact that mass tourism has the greatest impact on house buying in any region and so with its popularity already assured as a leading tourist destination and retirement hot spot in the world, the addition of some of the projects listed below are sure to create the ideal circumstances for property investment and purchase for many years to come!

There are many reasons why this trend looks set to continue well into the next decade! Firstly there is a Disney World being built in the new heart of the region, the planning application has already being passed. For someone of this stature to invest heavily is testament to the potential of the island. Secondly there is a massive world class tennis academy being built already, to provide for training facilities and presumably even tournaments eventually. this project is costing many hundreds of millions. The airports have up until now only catered mainly for tourists from Europe, but with the expansion of the biggest airport to accommodate many more international flights this is bound to have an effect on the demand for properties. these are the signs any property investor dreams of, and most will understand the implications of these massive projects in pushing up the demand for property in a region and more importantly the demand for property in the most coveted locations on the island! These will see the greatest return without doubt. The golfing property will encompass a world class hotel which will bring in a greater influx of wealthy people and will guarantee that a purchase on one or more of these properties will be a brilliant investment, the prices are truly special! The other biggest investment opportunity is a 5* massive lifestyle and fitness complex which encompasses a development of unparalleled luxury and facilities for the price of a cheap apartment anywhere! this will prove to be one of the best real estate deals on the planet once the project has been widely publicized! This development has been done in conjunction with a world famous sports personality and one of the very best developers in Cyprus! It does not take foresight to see the potential of a purchase on these kinds of properties! And lastly there are some luxury villas being built on the Ayia thekla coastline (right next to Ayia Napa) these villas enjoy being right on the beach and are also built by one of the three most trusted and best developers on the island. This is along the most desired residential strip in Cyprus, along with the value for money and quality of these properties the demand will make them another very shrewd investment!

There are some truly spectacular beach front villas being built at the moment in Cyprus right on the sea protection line and these prices, reflect the current mild slowdown in the property market here. Added to this there is the most exclusive development of luxury villas in the islands history, in a unique modern style but on the absolute most coveted piece of land in the whole of Cyprus. There is a hotel being built here along with the ultra top spec luxury homes, which is set to cater to the worlds elite earners and attract wealthy clientele from around the globe. A few of the property investment portals on the web that are aware of this project are tipping it to be one of the top three investment tips worldwide at present!

Another little known fact is that Cyprus has been developing some of the finest golf courses around Europe for some time. The most famous being the secret valley courses. There are plans underway for one of the finest golfing destinations in the world. This whole development is being constructed on the most prized piece of land in the whole of the Cyprus suitable for a golf courses. They have spectacular features and vistas. The properties have magnificent views over the Mediterranean sea as well as the truly unique and spectacular golf courses. An avid golfer myself, I can state with certainty that these golf courses rival anything out there in the world. Having seen the detail this appears to be a gem which is bound to attract major demand for these properties. Each are set in a truly majestic setting. The courses have been designed by a world renowned golfer and the last one is awaiting final planning approval! The properties here are truly top spec and provide extraordinary value for money! At the moment there are some truly exceptional opportunities for buying some prime investment property or grabbing yourself a lovely luxury prime location property in Cyprus for prices you would not believe!

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